Surveillance Support
Cameras are everywhere these days. It is a big necessity in the security of any premise. Finding a company that you can rely on to monitor and service your location can be a challenge. The company installed your initial system might not be around. Your system might be outdated and/or in need of repair and upgrade. We can provide full support of your system and eliminate headaches and concerns about not knowing what to do when the system fails. Let us relieve you of these problems and help you concentrate on other things.
BUILDINGKNOX Surveillance Support
BUILDINGKNOX surveillance monitors, troubleshoots, and fixes any issues on DVR surveillance systems. Backed by our 20+ years of knowledge in the surveillance industry, we can provide knowledgeable support in many mainstream DVR surveillance systems. May it be PC based DVRs, Standalone DVRs, All in one DVRs, and NVRs, we are flexible and capable in troubleshooting the most up-to-date DVRs and even out-of-date DVR’s out there. Our goal is to provide you and your premises with a worry free solution running in your building daily without the worries involved with owning a surveillance system.
Let us lift your worries that come from using a surveillance system without a company to back it up. We will support you to the fullest so you can rest assured you have someone to call when the system goes down or when a little maintenance is needed.
For pricing and full coverage details please contact any of our customer care representatives and we will provide a comprehensive package to meet and exceed your needs for your building. Do not hesitate to call or email us. Please visit our CONTACT US page. Product names, logos, brands and other trademarks referred to within BUILDINGKNOX products and services and within are the property of their respective trademark holders.
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