Keep track of your visitors.
BUILDINGKNOX Photo I.D. interface is easy and fast to navigate. The Photo I.D. module makes it easy for a vendor or visitor to be logged in and for an I.D. to be printed out in two easy steps. Your valuable time is never wasted in waiting for internet service to reload, our database is stored in-house at your building location where the info is safe and secure
Do more in less time.
Have multiple vendors waiting on line to get checked in? No problem! Scan their license or I.D. and instantly generate photo I.D. tags printed directly from a thermal printer.
Keep Track of Vendors
Make appointments and keep track of the vendors entering and leaving the premises at all times. Block vendors that caused issues from entering. Know at all times which vendor is accessing your premises.
Have Eyes where you need them.
Digital Video Recorder is a solution used throughout all fields of businesses and organizations all over the world. Our DVR records 24/7. Our DVR is a Standalone system that feeds separate data for other locations to view and access. It is able to show different feeds to different areas, meaning different types of entrances can only see a certain range of cameras. Our system is able to also feed the data over the internet which in turn can be accessed securely via any web enabled device.
Fully Secure Stand-Alone System.
Encrypted data and access. No need to worry on prying eyes. Fully managed user database. Backup power available when power is out.
Web Enabled.
Going on vacation or just need to keep eyes on your premises off-site, no problem! Full internet integration available. Compatible with most iDevices, Android, and mobile web enabled devices.
Never lose a package again.
Our most popular feature, package tracker revolutionized the industry on how we log in packages, no more LOG BOOKS! Our scanner technology can read bar codes from all delivery companies, so when holidays come around have no fear of the hundreds of packages arriving. Packages are scanned in two easy steps and instantaneously a message is sent to your tenant that a package has arrived. What about pickups or hand deliveries of flowers or laundry, no problem! We can produce a label in-house on a thermal printer.
Instant notification to tenants.
Optional to have tenants receive instant notification when their packages are delivered to the building.
Search back on delivered goods.
Think you lost a package? Package Tracker gives you the ability to search back on all goods delivered to the building. The time and date are stamped and can be printed for use.
Always know where your keys are.
Are you storing keys in your desk lock drawer to multimillion dollar apartments? Are you handing out keys to trust worthy vendors? Are you spending too much time opening doors for vendors and workers just so you can keep track of tenants’ keys? Put all your troubles away with our patented system of key storage, we call KEYKNOX.
KEYKNOX is the ideal opportunity to introduce a new and highly effective method for controlling and organizing your keys. The KEYKNOX system has been tested rigorously and can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our system is trusted by the biggest names in the business.
Stainless Steel Enclosure with dual Locking door. Separate Key Release dead bolts.
Secure housing environment. Only authorized personnel are allowed to open/close the key safe.
Keep your tenants informed.
All key accesses are logged into the server. An alert with a reason is sent to the tenant when a key is released.
Are you tired of buzzing people in?
Does your building have numerous door entries? Concerned with illegal entry? Are vendors taking advantage of your control entry points? Take control with door access RFID key fobs or swipe card entry points, we can integrate an old system or install a new setup with BUILDINGKNOX. At any given moment the building manager or doormen can view and track when and where people are in the building. Many buildings have more than two access points for example what if you have 5 or more access doors, add BUILDINGKNOX and track all point of entries throughout the building.
Real time tracking of entrances being accessed.
Optional to have tenants receive instant notification when their residence is being accessed.
Residents no longer have to wait to be buzzed in.
Do you have to keep track of all doors while manning the front desk? Tired of having people wait till they are buzzed in to enter? Our system will eliminate this and more!
Easy Work-Order creation.
Only a few clicks away and a work order is created. Print to any dedicated printer on a network. Update logs when a work order is completed or changed. Easy access to logs by concierge and or management anytime
Search, view, and follow up on open work orders.
Follow up request to outside vendors. Easy way to keep track of all work orders past and present. Email tenants via console to update and or change work order.
Still using paper work orders that get lost?
Is your building wasting time doing things the old way?
Mrs. Smith rushing to a meeting tells the doorman that there is a leak in the toilet and to check it out. This is a very typical day of any coop building. The doorman can enter a new work order in just a few steps with BUILDINGKNOX. There are two alerts sent out one to the Resident Manager and one alert sent to the tenant via email. The old way was to log into the book and call the super and then tell the tenant we are working on it. So many more steps and time wasted doing things the old way.
Easy to incorporate into any payroll software
Data is able to be exported to Excel format to import to any accounting software. Easy to manage, view, and track employees.
Search, view, and follow up on open work orders.
This module can be placed in any location desired and is able to run as a dedicated digital time clock system.
No more punch cards, all you need is your finger.
Accountability, accuracy, and efficiency can all describe how effective our time clock can operate to save money and track cost. BUILDINGKNOX time clock solutions use a biometric authentication reader for all employees to sign in. The “Buddy-System” is rendered useless. Finger print authentication reader is the only way to keep everyone honest. Our system is fool proof and secure; all information is stored in-house on a server and is not a web browser platform. Submit weekly payroll with ease and accuracy. Our system can easily integrate and export data into most accounting systems. Spend less time submitting payroll and spend more time dealing with quality time on tenant issues.
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