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BUILDINGKNOX offers a comprehensive Building Management Solution along with valuable experience in hardware management with integration inherited from our parent company Corporate Computer Management Inc. We have over 300 clients in the Tri-State area and have been successfully servicing our loyal clients for over 15 years. We have served the building industry
BUILDINGKNOX focuses on building client relationship one at a time rather bulk service to all. Our objective is to achieve our principle development that focuses on individual client needs and preference. Unlike any other “Browser Subscription Service” which do not provide dedicated attention and service to their clients (third party or local computer service is required for your daily operating hardware and supplies).
We are here to take on the challenge to bring forth the momentous concept of “Cost Effectiveness’” along with “Operation Efficiency” to our clients without jeopardizing confidentiality. We have in-depth functionalities fully customizable to suit individual needs. Even if there is something that is not within our scope of offerings, we have a team of extremely talented individuals that can surely accommodate your needs. We actively engage in various custom developments so we highly value your opinion as part of our ongoing development to build a powerful and flexible solution.
BUILDINGKNOX can help you integrate new and existing building systems - affordably. Your customized solution will simplify facility management and help your building become more cost-efficient, real-time tracking while providing absolute privacy.
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